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Against Schiess
48" x 60"


  against schiess  

Original artwork by Santi Hitorangi ©2011.

Petroglyph rubbings will likely not be duplicated as they are part of the UN World Heritage sites which safeguards properties by providing technical assistance and professional training to ensure the protection of natural and cultural heritage.

These rubbings are on muslin and the paste used are different shades of red soil from Rapanui mixed with clear wax and cooked for several hours so that the soil and wax becomes a paste.

For inquiries or to purchase any of these items,
contact: tepitoproductions@mac.com


77" x 40"
Nanue Para 29" x 72"
  nanue para    
Petro Avant
  petro avant    
Ra'e Mea
29" x 72"
  ra'e mea    
Rapanui Woman 132" x 53"
  rapanui woman    
36" x 41"
Sea Spirit 132" x 53"  
  sea spirit    
Shark and Tuna
77" x 40"
  Shark and Tuna    
Tangata Rapanui
(Squid Spirits of Anakena)
36' X 48"
  tangata rapanui    
Ivi Heheu (Dolphin) 60" x 40"
  Varua O Anakena    
$15 plus shipping
Blue T Shirt All sizes
$15 plus shipping

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