Kia ora and thank you for helping us make a stand against the Schiess family which controls one of Chile’s most powerful private holding companies, Empresas Transoceanica. We are a small clan, on a small island in the great Moana Nui and we have been struggling to fulfill our legal right to reoccupy our home that Chile’s Pinochet dictatorship illegally “sold” to the Schiess family for their own profit and agenda.

Your contributions to the legal funds have helped to make sure that their forceful eviction occurred without physical harm to us, and ensured that we had legal representation witness this unprecedented eviction motivated by the Schiess family. On Sunday, Feb, 6th, police arrived in Schiess corporate vehicles, and ignoring the rulings of Chilean national courts, proceeded with evictions while preventing documentation of the event with cameras. We remain hopeful that we will succeed in reclaiming our rightful land so that we may continue stewarding our environment and resources as we have done for over a thousand years.

We remain inspired by the collective outpouring of strength, through your prayers, consciousness-raising, donations and letters of solidarity by activists and indigenous practitioners throughout Moana Nui and the world.  We know that our plight is also your plight and that we will continue with this struggle, as it has become clear that our victory also represents the victory of our collective struggles.

Thank you again, and we are with you A’otearoa, Hawaii, Papua, Tahiti, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Guam, Okinawa, and special thanks to Micronesia for your very special support of us and inviting us into your canoe. We also thank our Mapuche brothers, Tongva brothers, Indian Councils and Australian first peoples who have also recognized us, and remind us that we remain strong when we are all united in struggle.

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