Ricardo Lagos, a lawyer and economist, was President of Chile (2000-2006), and in 2007 he became special envoy on Climate Change for the U.N. Sec-Gen, Ban Ki-moon.

In 2005, President Lagos signed the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPPA4), with New Zealand, Singapore and Brunei. which was an early “pathfinder” for what is ultimately being initiated as a 2011 Free Trade Area of the Asia Pacific, that currently includes Australia, Vietnam, the United States and will possibly include Canada, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, and Japan.

In 2005, President Lagos also illegally sold Rapanui land to the Transoceanica Holding Administration which includes not only hotels, resorts and spas, but also banks, finance and investment firms, housing developments, shipping, ports, entertainment, agriculture, and more; here are a few:

1. Banco Internacional, a bank. 2. Compañía Sudamericana de Vapores S.A. (CSAV), one of the oldest navigation companies in the planet 3. Prospéritas Capital Partners provides direct access to Risk Capital financing, services or managing consulting and financing services for entrepreneurs. 4. Mellafe y salas Integrates Integrates products and technology services 5. Fondo de Inversion Magallanes a fund targets investment in Chilean businesses that are inserted in dynamic economic areas and with a growth projection. 6. Lo Vicuña & Cia. is a business with a project targeted to the development and production of medicinal herbs and by-products, like specific raw materials for the alimentary business , natural extracts and cosmetics.7. Malteria Oriental, company invloved with production and trad of Malt and Barley. 8. Alto Atacma desert lodge and spa 9. Puyehue wellness and spa 10. Puyehue Mineral Water 11.. Los Litres developers homes/properties 12. Punta de Aguilas Norte developers of homes and properties 13.Termas Aguas Calientes. National Park, hot water spas 14. Kross Beers 15. Hangaroa Eco-Village and Spa 16 Teatro del Lago Theater 17. Antarctic Dream Eco-Tourist Cruise Ship 18. Cottage Hotels in Uruguay and soon Mexico 19. Muelles de Penco a Port company in the 8th region of Chile specializing in loading and unloading storage packaging and mixing fertilizers and other services for bulk products.20. Oleotop Company dedicated to the production of raps oil for the salmon and human alimentation industry. 21.Fernandez Woods Golf, a golf course development, and others.

Upon looking at the websites of these companies, what is interesting– besides the varied and complementary industries– is how all of these companies are cloaked in eco-friendly descriptions as if there was an intertwining connection between Transoceanica’s *special* environmentally conscientious vision and the U.N. Special Envoy to Climate Change, Ricardo Lagos Escobar, who established the Fundación Democracia y Desarrollo (Foundation for Democracy and Development), of which he is President. The organization is dedicated to creating sustainable economic growth and development.

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