An Open Letter to Presidente Sebastian Pinera


An Open Letter to Presidente Sebastian Pinera [Please sign in solidarity, Name, City and State ]

by Save Rapanui U.S.A. on Tuesday, January 18, 2011 at 9:47pm

Dear Presidente Sebastian Pinera:

We call  upon the Chilean Government to stop the disproportionate use of violence against and criminalization of the Rapa Nui people,  to  protect the human and civil rights of the Rapa Nui People, to adhere to internationa andl national standards of negotiations without threat of force or duress, to withdraw armed forces from the island, and  to restore ownership to the Rapa Nui of their ancestral lands without further delay.

Rapa Nui, the people,  the culture, and the island are a patrimony to humanity.

During the past 100 years Chile colonized Rapanui and has been responsible for repeated human rights and environmental abuses and violations.   Today three warships are circling the coast of the 62 mile square island of unarmed Rapa Nui people.    This military occupation of the island is creating a dangerous situation that needs to be resolved peacefully, through meaningful dialogue.   The police and military actions are in violation of domestic laws and international conventions Chile has signed.  The judges on the island have been recused and the courts  on mainland  Chile have held that ownership  issues of the lands based on the “treaty” of 1888 and the laws of Chile, must be fully adjudicated before evictions can be maintained against Rapa Nui owners. The Chilean legal cannot impartially adjudicate the legal rights of the Rapa Nui, therefore we are requesting that the Chilean government agree to move the adjudication of these matters into the InterAmerican Courts, an international tribunal.

It is in the best interests of all concerned to bring this situation to a peaceful and just conclusion.

Therefore we respectfully request the immediate withdraw of troops, removal of all criminal charges against the Rapa Nui people and a removal of the legal adjudication to the InterAmerican Court.

Thank you

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