February 6, 2011  10:00 AM URGENT NEWS F…


February 6, 2011  10:00 AM



Press Release

At 8 AM this morning Carabineros, armed police evicted the Hitorangi Clan from their land by force.

“It is utterly irregular and illegal,” said, attorney Rodrigo Gomez.

Arriving in Scheiss corporate vehicles, the 50 armed police dislodged 5 members of the Hitorangi Clan from the Hotel Hanga Roa. Three women and two men were waiting in the lobby for their lawyer to arrive, when 50 armed police broke the glass doors and violently removed them from the hotel. They were then taken to the jail in the Schiess hotel’s unlicensed buses.

Trini Ferrada who was on the street trying to take pictures was roughed up, and was forcibly removed and taken to the jail, she is the mother of 2 year old twin girls.

A 19 year old boy who was trying to take pictures was grabbed by the neck and thrown to the ground by the Chilean police. The police threatened at gunpoint anyone who was attempting to take pictures.

The Hitorangi’s defense attorney, Oscar Vargas was roughed up by the Chilean police while he was trying to see and talk to his clients. He was not allowed to see them.

Two times the Carabineros asked the Judge Maria Cristina Cabello for the orders to dislodge the Hitorangi Clan. Twice the Judge, who is still in Valparaiso, rejected the requests. Now, the Carabineros say they do
not need a judical order to act, that they act autonomously.

Oscar Vargas who as the Fiscal for 5 years on the island, said, “This is unprecedented, unheard of, and outside of the legal framework”. On top of that it is unheard to use private, unlicensed buses and vehicle for a police operation.

Attorney Rodrigo Gomez wrote, “ They knew we were going to win In court on Tuesday. This is desperate move by the Schiess, who pressured the Home Office Ministry, and they in turn pressured the local police, I am sure about that.”

Chilean Senator Carlos Cantero went to the prison to try to get Marisol Hito released.

Contact:   Santi Hitorangi             (845) 596-5403
Trini Ferrada                  011 56 997 158080
Rodrigo Gomez  (legal)      011 56 994 960475

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