Fernando Hito lost at sea


Fisherman disappears Rapanui and Chilean Navy accused of not cooperating in rescue operation.

Fernando Hito

Fernando Hito has been lost at sea for 5 days – there was a big delay in getting a search party out. The missing fisherman belongs to Clan Hitorangi, internationally famous for the courageous struggle they have given towards the recovery of their lands, illegally transferred by the Chilean state to private investment.

They only sent out a plane today because the Chilean Navy claimed it wasn’t called in. Some are saying they delayed because he is a member of the Hitorangi clan – internationally known be a activist.


 On the morning of Saturday 21, Ferando Hito-Atan disappeared about 15 miles from Hanga Piko on Rapa Nui.  The incident occurred after untimelya heavy storm of wind and rain made  it impossible the return of Milestone .
Search efforts,  led by members of the Navy, began at five in the afternoon of that day, have been ineffective given the extremely limited equipment employed, only a boat 9 meters long, and with a small plane that only search the ventures coastal area of ??the island, even though it is believed Hito may have been swept offshore.
Ferando the Fisherman’s nephew, Tero Hito , said Tuesday Dec, 24 that the
the harbor master ( named Ortiz) was asked about the availability of a larger jet boat, that had  been used in the past successfully in cases of disappearances – but Ortiz said the current event does not meet the requirements to activate this and other search tools.
It has been reported that in the past the harbor master had refused to provide Fernando  Hito and other fishermen radio equipment when requested.
At this time the fishermen of Rapanui made an urgent call to the Navy and the Chilean government to use all the means necessary to save the life of Fernando Hito.
In support of this Chilean artisanal fishermen Condepp and his spokesman Cosme Caracciolo has been trying  to communicate with naval officers and senators of the Republic of Chile.
The missing fisherman belongs to Clan Hitorangi , internationally famous for the courageous struggle towards the recovery of their lands illegally transferred by the state to private Chilean who then built the new, ultra-luxurious Hotel Hanga Roa on it.
Senator Chahuán makes urgent call.
Senator Francisco Chahuán made ??an urgent appeal to the Chilean Navy to assist in the tracing and Fernando Ito Atamu .
The next parliamentary councilor reported that Mai Teao have sought to coordinate  search assistance along the coast, ” but deeper offshore tracking is necessary .”
“It is essential to have the support of the Navy and therefore we call work and I thank all those who can continue to help in this search ,” said Senator Chahuán

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