BREAKING NEWS 12/16/10 Evictions



New evictions by Chilean Forces


The Chilean government is now moving to evict all Rapanui from their lands in a move to grab and privatize the Moai.

This morning Julie Brown Tuki and her family were evicted from their home at Hanga Roa Oti, in the center of Town, next to the music school, the Court, and the Judge Bernardo Toro’s house   (Pictures are attached).

Judge Bernardo Toro ordered these evictions even though the state has been publicizing the beginning of working table discussion.

Putting the Rapanui under duress does not create an even playing field in which to start any discussions.

The government on one hand is saying they will have discussions and on the other hand ordering evictions.

Sources close to the situation say, “This morning at 5 AM Rapanui time the special forces have scheduled to remove the Hito family from the Hanga Roa Hotel.  If they do this it would be in violation of the mandate from the Human Rights Commission from the Chilean Congressional House of Representatives.”

A month ago, the Court of Appeals in Valparisio held that no evictions or arrests can be made without a legal decision as to rightful title, meaning, the Hito’s and the Rapanui cannot be charged with criminal trespass on their own lands or evicted without determination of title.

Removal of the Hito’s would be a clear sign that the Chilean government is violating Chilean and International law.

Please take immediate action and contact all parties to stop these actions and to stop the Chilean government from its evictions of the Rapanui people.

Virginia Atan
Pancho Marin 011 9 9328 5914
Leviante Araki   011 569 81 506 843
Erity Teave     011 569 94 695 996
Jonathan Reyes 011 569 913 78472

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